14 Day Shred Challenge

Remove Up To 6kgs Of Stubborn Bodyfat, Reduce Anxiety, Depression & Menopause Symptoms And Get The BEST Results You Ever Have.… In Just 14 Short Days!

Even The Sceptics Are Getting Their Best Results Ever With My Breakthrough 14 Day Holistic Coaching Program…..

  •    Are you are struggling to lose weight even though you are eating healthy and exercising?….are you getting           frustrated because the scales aren’t budging?
  •     Have you tried intermittent fasting, High Intensity Exercise and The Keto Diet….and got NO RESULTS?
  •    Are you are battling stubborn bodyfat, anxiety, depression, poor sleep or adverse menopause symptoms?
  •     Are you leading a busy, non-stop, high stress lifestyle?
  •     Have you popped EXPENSIVE weight loss supplements and other ‘quick fixes’ with no success…

If you have answered YES to any of the above, then what you’re about to read is the most important holistic body transformation information you have seen – a breakthrough coaching plan that…

Melts Unwanted Bodyfat And Gives You Back Control Of Your Bodyshape In Just 14 Days…With A Personalised, Day-By-Day Plan That You Can Do ANYWHERE. 

Because what I’m offering you isn’t a one size fits all product or a program. It’s an opportunity to finally get the fat loss and body shaping results that you’ve always wanted with personalised coaching.

And once I unlock the hidden truths behind your external environment that is impacting upon your bodyshape, you’ll be empowered to take control of the areas of your life that need addressing rather than just focussing on food and exercise alone.

Over 98% Of Gym Programs Fail…And It’s Not Your Fault – Here’s Why.

It’s no secret that most people who join a gym, start a diet or begin an exercise program fail to achieve their goals.

But did you realise that the failure rate was 98%?
Over the next few minutes I’m going to share how you can break out of this ‘fat loss trap’ once and for all…and turn around your life in just 14 short days.
There are 3 critical factors that, when missing, almost assure you of failure when it comes to actually seeing real, fat burning results with any weight loss program.
If The Mainstream Health & Fitness Advice Is Not Working For You…You Must Do Something Completely Different. That’s A Fact.

Very few people know this – even frontline gym coaches – and that’s why almost everybody struggles when it comes to achieving any sort of meaningful body transformation.

But there is a proven way you can put these 3 critical factors to work for you and super-charge your progress…and you can do it without resorting to any crash diets, or expensive supplements.

Yes, if you use the right strategy, you can actually get the type of fat melting results that would take most people months to achieve in just 14 days.

Keep reading and you’ll discover this proven 14 Day Shred you can use to get the body you’ve always wanted today.

The Fitness industry is stuck in the “Eat Less, Exercise More” way of thinking and as long as we keep taking this advice, we won’t be losing stubborn bodyfat, reducing anxiety & depression, menopause symptoms and increasing deep restful sleep.

That’s why, in spite of new gyms popping up on every corner, supposedly ‘healthy’ foods taking over the supermarkets and new miracle fat loss programs and pills being released almost daily. Yet we keep getting fatter.

Almost all of them ignore the 3 Critical Factors For Fat Loss Success… 

#1 – You Must Address Any STRESS That’s Holding You Back. What they don’t tell you is that the stress around us causes us to hold onto fat stores, down regulates your metabolism, and causes us to crave salt, sugar & fat. Some of this is everyday stress, some other issues lie in your personal history. A traumatic event perhaps lead to your weight gain. An unresolved issue. Negative stress causes the SNS (Sympathetic Nervous System) to activate in the brain, and when this happens we stop burning fat, we get emotional, we suppress our immune system, we get stiff tight muscles and our digestive system stops working.

That’s why cutting calorie intake and exercising more does not work for many people. The coaches are not set up to address the background issues that are holding you back mentally and emotionally. This is why I include a personal one to one coaching call with my program. When we flip your issue or pain into an opportunity, then you become empowered.

#2 – You Must Restore A Healthy Gut Bacteria Population. This is a key factor in boosting your deep restful sleep, reducing anxiety and depression which cause stubborn bodyfat, improving digestion, increasing energy and increasing your fat burning. If you are overweight, overwhelmed and overtired, your gut bacteria is not working properly. But it’s not as simple as just having a probiotic everyday – you need to understand how the foods you eat everyday impact the gut bacteria. This is what my program addresses.

#3 – Sleep Is The Most Important Factor For Results. Sleep is the most important factor to get your results, yet it’s still the most under coached area of your health. When you don’t sleep properly you can’t recover from higher intensity workouts and burn maximum bodyfat. Do you wake up tired everyday? If the answer is yes, then we need to identify why you are tossing and turning at night, and use the correct tools to reintroduce deep restful sleep.

And for you, a busy person, all of this gets magnified. You’re being pulled in 20 different directions and you don’t have time to sort through everything and figure out what actually works and what’s just hype. You need that step-by-step plan to follow because you can’t spend 45 extra minutes here or there figuring things out.

“Steve, I’m amazed that in my 60’s I can lose this weight easily – it’s now 20kgs in 12 weeks!! I’m loving the food it tastes great and is really sustainable.” Viv Van Veen, Mount Maunganui




In spite of the failings of most of the fitness industry offerings, all hope is not lost. There is an approach that will work for you and can actually be your fat loss solution…..but you need to understand that my program goes against the mainstream “eat less, exercise more” advice which clearly does not work for most people that encounter modern day stress on a frequent basis.

The 14 Day Shred is a holistic health coaching program designed around the 3 Critical Factors For Fat Loss Success for maximum effectiveness. It’s complex to start…but it’s very simple and incredibly effective with personal support and coaching.
And best of all, this approach is specifically designed for busy people, your family budget and your unique lifestyle and time limitations.
This proprietary Day-By-Day Challenge protocol was strategically set up to overcome all the obstacles that STOP you from achieving fat loss success.

At 41, Mother Of Three, Ange Is In Her Best Shape Ever.

“I’m quite a motivated person and love exercise, but being a busy working Mum, I was finding it hard to lose weight. Like many people nowadays, I have been on anti-depressants. Through Steve’s coaching I have learned that I wasn’t sleeping properly. Once I got this sorted the results started to come, the depression left and here I am! I’m still busy and Steve is there to make sure I am recovering properly and managing my stress levels using the correct exercise intensity and recovery techniques.”
Why Should You Believe Me?

My name is Steve Jennings, a Holistic Health Coach based in Tauranga City, New Zealand.

Over 15 years I’ve held over 9000 + coaching sessions with people in New Zealand and around the world….and my holistic approach is leading the charge against stubborn body fat and challenging our mainstream weight loss ideas.
The Only Day-By-Day Fat Loss Formula Specifically Designed For People In A Busy Modern Lifestyle
You are a part of the first generation to experience modern day stress with increased technology, processed food, less deep restful sleep and more environmental toxicity.  
With my professional coaching and a daily, follow-along nutrition, exercise, sleep routine and personal coaching call covered in the 14 Day Shred, you have 9000 + coaching sessions of experience in your corner.. 
The choice is yours.
Get your hands on a proven, day-by-day system with personal, professional coaching that gets you FAST results while fitting into your busy lifestyle.
“During our personal coaching call, Steve recognised that I was doing too much and asked me to STOP exercising entirely for two weeks and focus on restoring my sleep. I lost 5kgs of stubborn fat in just 14 days. My fastest ever weightloss!”

Cherie, Hamilton

I joined the last shred with the aim to cleanse myself from a dietary perspective, it worked –going from 108.6 to 100.9 in just 12 days! The sleep part was a surprise and that is still a work in progress to master. Thanks!”

Duncan (50’s) Katikati

“When I started the shred challenge I must admit to have been somewhat sceptical about the advertised “lose 4.5kg” in 2 weeks, I am now convinced of it because I have just had my final weigh in and have lost 6.3kgs!!! I set my goal of losing 5kgs so was absolutely stoked with my final weigh in. I feel better each day and feel ready to continue to make sensible decisions around my eating and lifestyle in general. Oh and the exercise I put into this………only walking everyday from half an hour to an hour, so it can be done for those suffering injuries without too much physical stuff. Thanks Steve for your support and I totally recommend people give the shred programme a try!”

Craig (50’s) Tauranga

“I was overweight and going to a gym however couldn’t lose any weight. We eat healthy enough – no takeout food generally – loads of veges & fruit. But I still couldn’t shift the weight… now have learnt through this program what will work. Boom! 5.3kgs in 14 days!”

Andrew, Brisbane (Andrew has since gone on to lose 15kgs and is easily maintaining that loss)

“I suffer depression and had been training at a local gym and my weight was going up & up. It was demoralising. I was ready to give up. Thankfully this program came along at the right time and we focused on building gut health, restoring sleep and managing stress. I’ve lost almost 20kgs in about 5 months, and I’ve learned to take control of my stress and lifestyle choices even on holiday.”

Sandra, Katikati

“I’ve suffered regular anxiety attacks over the past four years and in this time my bodyweight has crept up and become very stubborn. My husband and I gave this program a go and went on to lose 5.7kgs and he lost over 7kgs in just 14 days! Stoked! Not only that, after 21 days I realised that I had not suffered one anxiety attack for an entire week – the first time in 4 years!! Give this a go!”

Shelle, Katikati

Just Look At What Those Who’ve Followed My Breakthrough Approach Have Achieved:

  Jo Keller – over 19kgs in 2018

Wendy Ngamoki – 32kgs in 9 months

Kerri McIvor – 10kgs in 12 weeks

Natasha Snowdon – 10kgs in 11 weeks

Nico Swanepoel – 5kgs in 14 days

Andrew Vanstone – 5.7kgs in 14 Days

John Oakley – 11kgs in 4 weeks


Sandra Jones – 20kgs in 8 months

As you can clearly see my breakthrough system works. You can dramatically improve your body in 14 days and continue on after your initial 14 day period.

How is this possible?

The 14 Day Challenge combines the power of the 3 Critical Factors For Fat Loss Success to allow your body to heal from the inside out and allow your natural bodyweight calibration system to work (yes! you already have a system programmed into your body!)

Here’s exactly how it works…

Each day you’ll have specific guidance on what to do with the 14 day done-for-you meal plan, the support forum and the daily emails.

…No guesswork. No uncertainty.

During our personal coaching call I’ll personalise the program to you and tell you what aspect of your lifestyle you need to focus on, based on my 9000+ sessions of experience.

You’ll be apart of the facebook forum where you can do optional workouts from home, monitor your progress and keep in touch with me directly.

As you progress through the 14 Days, you’ll find that you sleep better, lose weight faster than ever and some people even notice a massive reduction to their auto immune symptoms, menopause symptoms and anxiety & depression too.

Here’s the best part of this program…you don’t have to become “married” to a gym to get results.

You don’t have to do high intensity training day after day after day (and for many of you that’s not sustainable anyway.) Some of my success stories did not do ANY exercise following my program, and still got their BEST results EVER in 14 days.
Why? Because as I mentioned, SLEEP and reducing lifestyle stress are the most important keys to your success. This helps you re-calibrate your hormones. Again most programs and Trainers do not address these key areas.
Extreme diets that simply force you to eat fewer than 1000 calories per day (on a recurring basis) damage your metabolism and actually make your body worse at burning fat, resulting is that yo-yo effect where you gain back more weight than you lost in the first place.
Once you complete your 14 days you may actually feel so great, that you want to get the next 14 day shred meal plan to keep the results going and set your next target with my help, like so many are doing.
You now have a proven system at your disposal that will get you in great shape fast that you can use whenever you want without the need to do high impact workouts (in fact some people have lost as much as 5kgs in 14 days when I told them to STOP training!!)
The entire blueprint is laid out for you step-by-step inside this easy to implement 14 day coaching program:
Here’s what’s included…

30 Minute Consultation With Me Personally
This consultation is one of the keys to the program. During this session I’ll help you identify any issues that may be holding you back and teach you what you need to do to reduce the stress and allow your body to burn fat quickly. You NEED this session if you are stuck.

Recipe Ebook and Grocery List
I’ve put together a recipe ebook and grocery list to keep the meals quick to prepare, tasty and family friendly. No expensive supplements needed or cooking two seperate meals!

14 Daily Emails
I’ve written up 14 daily emails to help you stay focussed and reiterate what I am teaching you about how your bodyshape is affected by external influences and hormonal changes in the body.

14 Day Challenge Manual
This Success Guide lays out every detail of every day of the 14 day program, including specific direction on exactly what you need to do for maximum results.

14 Day Meal Plan
This Meal Planning Guide contains the exact nutrition strategy you should follow for maximum results. You’ll know how to plan every meal to stoke your metabolism, enhance your energy levels and burn fat each and every day. You can have alcohol and a cheat meal each week on this plan, and you can have one cup of black coffee per day if you choose too. The objective of this plan is to help you build a sustainable plan over time while remaining as realistic as possible. This meal plan is based on REAL food.

Optional Online Workouts
With access to my PRIVATE Facebook Group and expert coaching, you will have unlimited access to workout videos suitable for all fitness levels. Even if you just use walking for your exercise option you can get amazing results!

Accountability & Support
We will run a couple of weigh ins/check ins online each week so we can monitor your progress, and if you are struggling for whatever reason I can help you keep on track. Most people like to share their progress in the private forum, others like to message me privately. The road to sustainable weight loss can be complex, but with my experience and guidance I will help to you make it easy.

Just Click “Buy Now” Below To Join The 14 Day Shred For Just $69.00 (class members just $37).
Due to My Hectic Schedule (And To Ensure I Deliver Great Service) I am Limiting To 50 People Only. Entries Close 5pm This Sunday


Steve Jennings
Holistic Health Coach

P.S. – You deserve to look and feel incredible like the guys in the pictures above. But I want you to know this:

Those guys were ready to make the change.

If you have been bashing your head in frustration with no results to show for it…..you can either keep doing what you’re doing or do something completely different. If YOU are ready for a complete change, then this is the program for YOU.

P.S.S. – Don’t forget, with my Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, if you follow my program and are unhappy with your results or the service you receive, I’ll refund your investment.. Grab it right now, RISK-FREE.