42 Day Reset Programme

Is the Mainstream Health & Fitness Advice Not Working? Do You Feel Lost? Stuck?

Lose up to 10kgs in six weeks, reduce menopause symptoms, depression and anxiety in the next 42 days. All natural. No expensive supplements. No gym memberships. 100% Guaranteed.

“After 42 days my anxiety is 100% better!” Caitlin, (20’s) Matamata


“I’ve lost 20kgs in just three months with Steve’s program. This program has been really sustainable.” Viv Van Veen (60’s) Teacher, Arataki




“I tried EVERYTHING to lose weight in the past 12 months including the Keto Diet. Steve’s program is the only one that worked, and my menopause symptoms reduced by about 50% in just 7 days!” Jo, (40’s) Tauranga

“I was sceptical to say the least. I have very stubborn bodyfat and have suffered chronic anxiety for the past four years. After 3 weeks on Steve’s program I had lost almost 6kgs and had experienced not one anxiety attack for a whole seven days…the first time in four years!!” Shelle, (30’s) Katikati

“I had been suffering stubborn weight and poor sleep for 18 months. During my first coaching call, Steve told me to STOP training altogether for two weeks…. I lost 5kgs EASILY. I was blown away!” Cherie, (40’s) Hamilton

Why is this breakthrough programme able to get results when people are stuck?

Well, the mainstream health & fitness advice is misleading. The mainstream advice tells us to exercise more and eat less and therefore we can lose weight. This is not entirely true, and does not take into account food sensitivities, sleep issues, general stress levels, historical unresolved trauma and gut dysfunction.

Weightloss is far more complex than simply eating less. It is about recalibrating hormones.

When your environment changes, your ability to burn fat as energy, your immune system, mood, sleep and bowel function can be impacted. This can lead to adverse menopause symptoms, stubborn bodyfat, physical pain in old injury sites, inflammation, depression or anxiety.

When these symptoms are ongoing or managed with medication, with no adjustment of the lifestyle, this can lead to other physical issues such as auto immune disease. The body’s systems are linked and dependant on one another. When one system becomes dysfunctional, other systems start to become dysfunctional.

When the mainstream approach of eat less, exercise more is adopted, this can further run an individual into the ground increase physical pain, ongoing sickness and stubborn bodyfat.

The objective of this reset programme is to first heal the body from the inside out. Then as the hormones are recalibrated, the body can start to reshape.

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77 Year Old John Lost 11kgs in Just 4 Weeks

FROM 15th JULY 110.8Kg TO 18th AUGUST 99.45Kg = 11.35Kg

“I was at a stage of my life that my weight was getting me down – a little depressed nothing seemed to fit me and i was always uncomfortable. It was not from a lack of exercise either – I was going to aqua aerobics 3-4 times a week and averaging around 15km on my e-bike a day. I was not tired just generally depressed with how i looked, my daughter picked up on my attitude and offered to help. She had just completed one of Steve’s programmes and done extremely well losing 8kgs in the space of just a couple of weeks.

I am 77 years old and have been retired for 12 years and have always been active but for most of my life never went to bed before mid night and always read on my iPad before I went to sleep.

I have followed your Shred Program closely but have kept to my same exercise program am absolutely delighted with the progress to date.

There are plenty of diets on facebook but the proof was knowing someone who had living results and kept the weight off after the few simple changes to their lifestyle.

I used to have swollen big toe joints like Gout which are now gone, more flexible congestion in the mornings, my nose was blocked in the evening and I could hardly breathe. This has all cleared up. I feel so much better in myself and can wear a belt to hold my trousers up. The buckle dug into my stomach before but not a problem now. Steve I would like thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge you certainly have hit a formula that works! Cheers John”

How It Works – A Five Pronged Approach Broader 
This highly successful programme starts with an Adrenal Stress Quiz to identify where you are on the stress spectrum. This is a key tool to identify any adrenal dysfunction. Because there are several levels of dysfunction, there are different symptoms associated with each level and therefore different pathways of recovery required for each level.

A one size fits all approach to recovery is not going to work, and will promote further adrenal dysfunction. This is why it’s important to identify the the current level of adrenal dysfunction now.

Identify The Root Cause Of Stress
What is keeping you awake? Marriage issues? Family issues? Work stress? Food sensitivities? Historical past trauma? When you identify the stress you have we can start to work on your mindset around that issue. Your perceptions of situations both current and in the past, will manifest as a hormonal response which in turn down regulate the thyroid/adrenal system. Then we have this whole physical symptom going on as I mentioned earlier – stubborn weight, menopause symptoms, poor sleep, mood swings, physical pain etc etc.

You can be as personal as you want to with the information you share.

The Food You Eat Is Your Medicine
Follow along meal plans provide you with clear instructions of what to eat. If you enjoy fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds and lean animal meat you can follow this plan. Recipe ebooks are provided and the plan is flexible to fit in with family requirements so you don’t need to cook two meals. The meals are interchangeable so you can effortlessly swap meals around to fit your schedule. The food plan is designed to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, reduce depression & anxiety, increase energy, improve digestion and elimination, and improve deep restful sleep for recovery and healing.

Exercise – Family Friendly, Time Efficient Home Based Options
What is the correct exercise for you? This is based on your adrenal stress quiz results. For most people that are stuck, walking is the best exercise to do.

Digestion & Elimination – 
Good digestion starts with the food you eat and managing stress levels. It also depends on a healthy gut bacteria population to help digest the food you eat. The food you eat is not just linked to your weight loss, it’s linked to your sleep. This programme will focus on not just reinstating a healthy gut population, it will focus on the foods that feed the bacteria. Probiotics are pointless without the correct nutrition.

Deep Restful Sleep
This is impacted by your diet and stress levels. I’ll teach you a specific pre bed routine to restore deep restful sleep. This will help you recalibrate your hormones so you feel energised in the morning and burn bodyfat easily. Sleeping better is the most time efficient way to boost your immunity, lost stubborn bodyfat and balance moods, yet it’s the most undercoached.

Weekly Personal Coaching Calls
Each week you will touch base with your coach to make sure you are moving in the right direction. This contact is essential to help you troublsehoot any difficulty you may be experiencing, plan for upcoming events and keep your mind on the areas you need to focus on.

Is This Programme For You?

If you are stuck and lost, then you can either keep doing what you’re doing and hope something changes, or you can do something entirely different. It’s your choice. With a free consultation what do you have to lose?

 To book a free phone or skype consultation call me 0275 431 387 or email me at steve@stevejenningshealthcoach.com

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